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Here is some of our clients that trusted us for years and still have loyality to us 


Mamdouh Akef Constructions

Mamdouh Akef Constructions is an engineering and constructions contracting company, based in Egypt,
Founded in 1989

The Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization

The Afro-Asian Peoples Solidarity Organization was established in January 1958 at an inaugural conference held in Cairo. A constitution was framed at this conference reflecting the prevailing situation. In 1988 when the 7th congress was held in Delhi, the above constitution was once again adopted to govern the organization.


المعهد العالى للفنون التطبيقية - السادس من اكتوبر

انشىء المعهد الهالى للفنون التطبيقيه بمدينة السادس من اكتوبر عام 1994 وقد صدر قرار المجلس الاعلى للجامعات المصريه بمعادلة درجة البكالوريوس الذى يمنحها المعهد بالتى تمنحها الجامعات المصريه
وفى سنه 2000 تمت الموافقه على قيد خريجى المعهد كأعضاء فى نقابتى الفنانين التشكيليين ونقابه مصممى الفنون التطبيقية

Unilex Signs Systems

Unilex Signs Systems   is a Visual Communications company providing Graphic Design Services and custom signs. Customer Service is our Top Priority. Our experienced staff will help with every aspect of your project. 
Here at Signs Now, we help you "Stand out in a crowded world™" with our world-class signage solutions. We take a consultative approach to developing the right solution for you. We listen to you and develop solutions that meet your requirements for image, communication, and durability.


New Manzel

New Manzel Real Estate Marketing Services will be one of the most important commercial companies for real estate marketing in Africa and the Middle East. Offering real estate marketing services detailed, using our experience and knowledge to help guide companies and buyers or Almogeran to find the best real estate, with an interest rate currencies teaching professional real estate services

Future Hi-Tech

Future Hi-Tech  Was established on 1997 to offer to the Egyptian market integrated solutions in instrumentation and automatic control system


Irrigation of agricultural crops with reclaimed wastewater

 Irrigation of agricultural crops with reclaimed wastewater : effects on soil, plant environment, yield and quality By 2025, nearly half of the world population is projected to live in water-stressed regions (less than 1700 cubic meter per year per person) (Hamilton et al., 2007).



ATECO lifts, elevators and escalators is dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service, whether that is a planned maintenance check or an emergency service call.

مدرسة القديس يوسف

فى عام 1854 وصل إلى القاهرة أربعة اخوة قادمين من الإسكندرية و استقروا فى حى الموسكى فى منزل خالى من الأثاث و أنشئوا على الفور مدرسة صغيرة أنضم اليها أولاد الحى الفقراء الذين لا يلم أحدهم بكلمة واحدة فرنسية ، و على النقيض لا يلم مدرسوهم بكلمة واحدة عربية غير أن المدرسة لقت نجاحا كبيرا

و فى عام 1855 بدأت الدراسة فى المدرسة الجديدة بفضل التبرعات السخية من أبناء الحى, و استقبلت المدرسة أبناء الفقراء و الأغنياء على حد سواء وفى فصول متجاورة.



Petrokima was founded in 1977 by Eng.Sami S.Aman, has more than 50 engineers, 30 administrators, 100 technicians on permanent payroll + 60 up to 200 Casual payroll depending on number and size of projects in hand.

Premium Routes

Premium Routes LLC. lately established in Emirates in October 2016 so as to be a sister company to our mother group of companies in Egypt which are:

Manyalawi Constructions. 
Air dock Import & Export .
Paradise Food and Beverage.



Lord FOR TRADING  With an Experience for more than 10 years, in the field of importing and supplying our chemical products and raw material chemicals, to serve and supply all fields of industry.

Osama William's Office

Osama William's Office is one of most prominent professional office for auditors and consulting accountant sin Egypt since 1994. It is a certified office recorded with public register of accountants and auditors at ministry of finance register of auditors at central audit agency and external auditors, register of auditors at central bank


Tourism For You

TFU Company is the most reputable and dynamic company in Egypt. It offers complete solutions for the widest array of travel services including cultural, recreational, adventure, corporate, conferences and special group arrangements as well as the most exciting incentive travel packages.


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