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How to set the File Zilla to login to FTP Account.... To do that, please follow the following steps.

1- Download the File Zilla FTP client Software, from the URL


To create FTP Account, using cPanel...

Please follow the following steps...

1- Login to cPanel of your hosting account at the following URL,

2- Click FTP Accounts, under the files section.

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- اذا كان لديك فائض من الوقت (صباحاً)...
- و ترغبين فى العمل من المنزل

- ولديك حافز لتحقيق دخل اضافى، يمكنك اتباع الخطوات التالية:....


Here are the steps of setting up, the MS Outlook 2010, Step by Step...

1- Go to the file menu

2- Click Info


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