Outlook Email Login


Here are the steps of setting up, the MS Outlook 2010, Step by Step...

1- Go to the file menu

2- Click Info

3- Add Account

outlook 2010 add account

4- Click "Mannually Configure Server Settings"

outlook 2010 manually configure

5- Click Next

6- Select Internet Email

outlook 2010 choose service

7- Click Next

8- Enter the Information

Note: In the drop down box (IMAP), you may select POP3 to download all emails to your machine.

outlook 2010 more settings

9- Click the button More settings...

10- Select the Outgoing server Tab

 11- Check the Box "My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Require Authentication, and use the same settings of my incoming server...

outlook 2010 outgoing server

12- Go to the advanced tab, and Set the ports, as you have got from your hosting company...

Note: In the advanced settings, you may set the SMTP port to 26 instead of 25, as TEdata disabled the default 25 port.

outlook 2010 advanced

13- Click Ok, then Click Finish.... It will test the settings, and finish...

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